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Hosted Cloud Services


All of Sunwire's hosted cloud services are powered by world-class infrastructures. Our climate controlled facilities include access to several data and telecommunication providers, battery backups, gas powered generators and various security measures.

Sunwire Cloud Services - Get peak performance from our reliable world-class facilities.

Managed Co-Location

Priced to suit your needs.

We can securely co-locate your equipment so you don't have to store it on your premises.

Co-Location Environment:

  • Climate controlled
  • Physical security and surveillance
  • UPS battery backup
  • Natural gas powered generator
  • AC/DC power distribution
  • Multiple redundant Fibre connections
  • Access to several communication providers

Advantages of Co-Location:

  • Savings on bandwidth costs
  • Better outage protection
  • Scalable growth
  • Easy add or remove servers
  • Added security and maintenance
  • Easy office / business moves
  • Expert support on equipment site

Pricing is customized and designed to meet each solution's unique needs.

Sunwire Cloud Services - Managed Co-Location
Sunwire Cloud Services - Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Pricing is customized to meet your needs.

There is no longer a need to purchase, install, update or maintain software and hardware. All of this is now provided by us in the cloud. Access your enterprise grade infrastructure from any device at any time.

  • Predictable IT expenses rather than large capital expenditures
  • Fully-customizable hardware and software requirements
  • Flexible and scalable - grow and downsize as needed
  • Lessen IT staff requirements and focus on company services
  • All servers are protected and backed up

Email Hosting

Secure cloud-based email service.

We offer a variety of cloud-based email solutions to suit your business needs. Access your email anywhere in the world from any device.

Our cloud mail service allows you to enjoy all the features of Microsoft Exchange such as:

  • Contacts
  • Task Management
  • Collaboration
  • Calendar Management
  • Smart Phone Integration
  • Spam and Virus Protection
Sunwire Cloud Services - Email Hosting
Sunwire Cloud Services - Off-Site Backups

Off-Site Backups

Reliable backups and simple recovery.

While IT environments may change, what remains constant for any organization is the need to protect themselves from unplanned downtime. We provide a redundant state-of-the-art service with the flexibility to be able to recover anywhere, anytime and every time!

Our image based strategy allows for greater peace of mind knowing your backups are secure, reliable and tested regularly.

Find out how easy it is to keep your data safe - contact us.

Sunwire Cloud Services - Domain Registration

Domain Registration and Transfers

Pricing may vary - please contact us.

Do you need a domain for your new business? Perhaps you're looking to transfer your domain? We can save you the time and hassle and do it for you!

We can register your domain and configure all the settings for you to ensure a smooth deployment or transition.

Sunwire Cloud Services - Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Tailored to your needs.

We provide customized Unix or Windows web hosting for your organization. All us to customize a needs-based package that includes:

  • Server Space and Hostnames
  • E-mails with webmail
  • PHP with MySQL database
  • Technical Support
  • And more!
Sunwire Cloud Services - SSL Certificates

Managed SSL Certificates

Make your website visitors feel safe.

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery.

To enable SSL on a website, we can obtain an SSL Certificate that identifies you and install it on the server.

Questions? Get in touch!