Main Menu

The main menu gives access to major aspects of the SolSwitch.

Phone System Settings

Where phone system features are created, modified and customized.

Extension Details

Configure each individual extension to function exactly how you want it to.


Configure a phone number to receive incoming faxes and redirect them to specific email addresses in a PDF format.

Find-Me Follow-Me

Call a succession of extensions or external numbers while keeping calls on hold.

Auto-Attendant (IVR)

Allow callers to navigate the system using pre-recorded voice prompts and touch done dialing.

Time Rules

Regardless of the time of day, day of the week or holiday; you can specify how you wish for calls to be routed.

Meet-Me Conference Rooms

Bridging functionality is used to connect multiple people into a single conference call.


Manage your call volume and have the appropriate agents ring when required with over 30 configurable options.

Virtual Extensions

A virtual extension in the SolSwitch environment is a way for you to assign external telephone numbers as a local extension.

Call Detail Records (CDRs)

Get call history with source and destination numbers, call disposition, call type, call length and more.

CDR Report Builder

The CDR Report Builder gives you all the CDR data but with the additional functionality of customizing your reports.