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Business Telephone Services

Communication solutions that shine.

Developed in-house and from the ground up, Sunwire's phone solutions allow for companies to increase telephony functions, reach, flexibility and scalability while reducing telecommunication costs.

Sunwire Business Phone Services - On-Premise Phone Systems

On-Premise Phone Systems

Suggested for large deployments, an on-premise PBX has a slightly higher up-front investment but lower ongoing costs.

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Sunwire Business Phone Services - Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Recommended for most organizations, a hosted PBX has lower up-front costs and predictable monthly expenses.

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Sunwire Business Phone Services - Phone Lines, SIP Trunking, PRI

Phone Lines

Entirely compatible with new and existing phone systems, our lines can lower your organization's recurring telecom costs.

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Sunwire Business Phone Services - Dedicated Voice Circuits

Dedicated Voice Circuits

Make phone calls through a dedicated circuit that carries voice traffic over a private line from your phones to our servers.

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Customized Business Phone Services

We provide tailor-made telecommunication solutions.

Sunwire's cloud-based unified communications platform offers state-of-the-art phone, chat and collaboration feature functionality with mobile and desktop integration so you can stay connected to the office on any device.

Our solution can easily grow with your business without any need for on-site hardware or IT and networking expertise. Learn more

Sunwire Business Phone Services

Professional Telecom Services

Our team of experts allow for full confidence.

Professional Installation Services

Get your services installed by certified experts.

Sunwire's on-site technicians will pre-configure all phones and equipment as per your specifications. This includes, but is not limited to, extensions on each phone, call flow, voicemails, queues, cell phone extensions, etc.

Field technicians will then deploy and install all the required equipment and ensure everything is functional. Any changes and/or adjustments can be completed and implemented during the installation process.

Sunwire Business Phone Services - Professional Installation Services
Sunwire Business Phone Services - Professional Training Services

SolSwitch Training Services

Get trained by those who literally invented the wheel.

Sunwire offers various types of training to ensure each system user is adequately prepared. Every single phone user receives one-on-one training with a Sunwire representative.

Receptionists and system administrators can receive additional and more in-depth training based on configuration and feature usage. We want to ensure that every user feels comfortable and knows how to properly use their phone set.

Maintenance and Support

Support agreements keep your system secure and up-to-date.

Sunwire has several different SolSwitch Support options that can be purchased in respect to the operation and functionality of the SolSwitch and its features.

Each of our support options can be purchased on a Business Hours or 24/7/365 basis and provides customers with unlimited access to telephone and email technical support.

Sunwire Business Phone Services - Professional Support Services
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