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Available for desktop (Mac and Windows) and mobile (Android and iOS) - SolSwitch Connect allows its users to stay connected to the office any time, anywhere and on any device.

Start meetings, chat with co-workers and use your phone like you never left your desk. SolSwitch Connect is ideal for people who work remotely, are in and out of the office, or would prefer to simply not have a desk phone. See it in action below.

Mobile and Desktop

SolSwitch Connect was designed to be compatible; no matter your device. That's why we've released a Windows, Mac, iOS and Android edition.

Each app user includes usage on up to 4 different devices.

Full Softphone Capabilities

Make high-quality VoIP calls just like you were using your desk phone.

All accounts are provisioned remotely so end-users simply have to log in with a username and password then start calling and chatting.

Contact Imports

Bring all of your contacts into SolSwitch Connect from your desktop software or mobile device.

  • LDAP & Active Directory
  • Microsoft Outlook (Windows only)
  • Mac Address Book

Corporate contact directories are managed by your phone system's administrator.

Real-time Live Presence

Your directory will show your contacts' availability with their status and 'click-to-call' functionality.

Quickly see who is online and available, away, offline and/or available for call transfers.

Instant Messaging

Avoid strings of email chains by quickly and easily communicating with individuals and colleagues using SolSwitch Connect’s 1-on-1 instant messaging.

SolSwitch Connect Infosheet

The contents of this page are available in PDF format.

Download PDF

Group Chats

SolSwitch Connect makes discussing projects and sharing ideas easy. Start a private or public channel based chat room and make everyday work conversations effortless.

Video Calls

SolSwitch Connect allows you to have face-to-face conversations with your team while out of the office with the HD video call feature.

Advanced Telephony Features

SolSwitch Connect also supports a long list of call features in order to best handle your customers.

  • Call transfer, forward, hold, park
  • Click-to-dial and auto-answer
  • SolSwitch feature code support

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Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications allow you to receive phone calls even when the app is closed. Avoid the app from having to run in the background, thereby extending your device’s battery life.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

SolSwitch Connect’s Outlook integration allows users to see contacts’ prescence before contacting them.

Quickly and easily see a contact’s status, send them an IM, make a phone call or start a video call.

Headset and Bluetooth Compatible

Bring your own headset! Our app supports a range of USB and Bluetooth devices for Windows and Mac.

Bluetooth headsets can also be used for audio on iOS and Android devices.

SolSwitch Connect Infosheet

The contents of this page are available in PDF format.

Download PDF

Business SMS

Use SolSwitch Connect to engage your audience and extend your reach by interactng with your customers via text messaging.

Instantly send and receive texts from any of your business’ telephone numbers.

Video Conferencing (Coming Soon!)

Host or join HD Video conferences using a shareable conference room link.

The system comes with robust presenter controls including the ability to pass presenter rights to another user.

Screen Sharing (Coming Soon!)

Share your screen by copying and pasting a single shareable web link.

Joining for participants is as easy as just clicking into the link through their browser making it simple to collaborate online.

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